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More frightening pictures will appear on the cigarette case

soon, more frightening images of organ ulceration will appear on the cigarette case when the human body clicks the "curve display" button, hoping to more effectively frighten and prevent people from smoking

the health promotion bureau and the Health Science Bureau, which jointly launched this new round of health warnings, hope that these disgusting images can warn the public who are already smoking or who intend to become smokers to think twice when buying cigarettes

the plan will be implemented in August this year and will be fully implemented before November 1. In addition to continuing to occupy half the area of both sides of the cigarette box, the new warning pictures will make most smokers more concerned about the impact of smoking on their health and encourage more smokers to quit smoking

a previous survey conducted by the Health Promotion Bureau showed that the health warning messages with pictures and texts on the cigarette pack had a certain deterrent effect. Smokers aged 18 to 64 said that the warning pictures of nausea on the pack were the most powerful and also the most influential smoking cessation messages in the fields of lithium battery materials, silicon, photovoltaic materials and so on

stimulate smokers to quit

Zhulin, manager of the anti smoking education program, said: "after reading some information for a long time, it is easy for people to forget it. The picture warning that will appear on the cigarette box will also cooperate with other tobacco control strategies launched by the health promotion bureau. The purpose is to give smokers a mood stimulus to encourage them to quit smoking."

at the same time, she managed the overall operation of the Shandong Branch of the Institute of materials and pointed out relevant research work. She also hoped that this measure would enable non-smokers to encourage their surrounding smokers to quit smoking

the authorities also warned that those who do not sell health warnings printed with pictures would violate the smoking (tobacco advertising and sales control) act. If convicted, they could be fined up to 10000 yuan, imprisoned for up to six months, or both

those who break the law again can be fined up to 20000 yuan, imprisoned for up to 12 months, or both

source: Lianhe Zaobao

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