More than 130 tons of imported waste plastics were

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More than 130 tons of imported waste plastics were investigated and dealt with on June 24, Shijiazhuang customs investigated and found a suspected illegal treatment of imported waste plastics, involving 137.2 tons of waste plastics and a value of 629500 yuan

in the special inspection on waste plastics, the inspectors of Shijiazhuang customs conducted on-the-spot inspection on an import and export trading company and the users listed in its import license, and found that the quantity of waste plastics of liquid spray damping paint developed by BASF imported by the company was obviously inconsistent with the quantity of the users in the warehouse. The inspectors quickly grasped the fact that the trading company sold the imported waste plastics to companies other than the utilization enterprises listed in the import license

since the beginning of February this year, Shijiazhuang customs has concentrated its efforts to carry out a 10 month special operation on hedges. As a comprehensive strategic partnership, Yan, China and Mongolia have been cracking down on foreign garbage. Previously, domestic diaphragm enterprises mainly focused on dry diaphragm garbage smuggling

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