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More than 100 Chinese enterprises have appeared in K2004 exhibition in Germany. The ability of Chinese rubber and plastic enterprises to participate in international competition is becoming more and more bizarre without losing their taste. Recently, nearly 120 enterprises from Chinese Mainland and Taiwan participated in K2004 held in Dusseldorf, Germany

exhibitors from Chinese Mainland and Taiwan mainly come from the field of basic rubber and plastic materials. In terms of machinery and equipment, copellon Keya (Nanjing) Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced a new twin-screw model based on the measured value of D ear making rate at the exhibition. Taiwan fuqiangxin company exhibited its "FCS cap series" ultra-high speed bottle cap production system - FCS cap16/28

k2004 attracted 2893 exhibitors from 53 countries in the world, 63% of which were from Germany, followed by Italy and the United States, and China ranked fifth

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