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Bottled liquefied gas mixed with dimethyl ether: how can qingben become a thief

the highly concerned incident of dimethyl ether mixing in bottled gas also caused heated discussion at the provincial two sessions. Behind the propaganda, this newspaper and industry experts, NPC deputies and CPPCC members explored the way to regulate the liquefied gas and dimethyl ether Market

in fact, dimethyl ether is also a new environmental protection and economic major alternative energy product. However, due to safety problems, the state stipulates that dimethyl ether mixed liquefied gas cannot be used in the civil market. Liu Liping, a member of the provincial CPPCC, submitted a proposal, urgently calling on relevant government departments to formulate relevant standards as soon as possible so that people can use safe and environmentally friendly liquefied gas and dimethyl ether

according to insiders, at present, in the field of Civil liquefied petroleum gas, the proportion of dimethyl ether mixed with liquefied petroleum gas ranges from 15% to 35%. Due to the lack of national standards. Dimethyl ether has reached the point where it can only be "nonstandard" and "illegal" all the way

the market is ahead of the standard

it is understood that dimethyl ether has excellent fuel performance, convenient and clean, good power performance, and has incomparable comprehensive advantages. In order to promote the promotion and use of dimethyl ether, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly announced on July 1 last year that the value-added tax rate of dimethyl ether was reduced from 17% to 13%. Dimethyl ether projects have also been launched all over the country. 3million tons of dimethyl ether and its supporting projects in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, invested and constructed by China National Coal Energy Corporation, Sinopec and other enterprises, have been launched, with a total investment of 21billion yuan

but up to now, the dimethyl ether project is still facing a very embarrassing survival situation. Professor Shen Tonghe, deputy director of the coal chemical industry center of the National Productivity Promotion Center of the chemical industry and an alcohol ether fuel expert, pointed out that the instructions of other equipment can also be accepted through RS232 port. At present, the standard of dimethyl ether has not been issued, "identity" has not been confirmed, and there is a certain risk hidden in the dimethyl ether project

it is reported that China has only issued the standard of dimethyl ether for urban gas (cj/t) so far, and the lag of dimethyl ether and liquefied gas blending ratio, dimethyl ether cylinder filling standard and other provisions has affected the market promotion process of dimethyl ether industry

the surging dimethyl ether Market ran ahead of the national standard, which directly led to the "red light running" of dimethyl ether markets all over the country. In the fourth quarter of last year, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of quality supervision sampled 33 liquefied petroleum gas stations in the city, and 12 of them added dimethyl ether in violation of regulations

during the previous interview, the relevant person in charge of the Department of Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision also admitted that in the civil field, there are neither national standards nor local standards for dimethyl ether mixed with liquefied gas, and if there is a complaint, it can only be handled according to "violations"

it is unsafe to mix it under current conditions

it is understood that in 2007, the Ministry of construction and other relevant ministries and commissions proposed the introduction of standards for the civil use of dimethyl ether mixed liquefied gas, but there was no following due to various reasons. Liu Liping suggested that before the introduction of national standards, if Guangdong can take the lead and issue local standards, it will greatly promote the benign development of the whole industry

Liu Liping said, "the state should support the development of dimethyl ether to meet market demand, promote its scale and industrialization, accelerate the pilot use of dimethyl ether in cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen with better conditions, and establish supporting measures for the dimethyl ether industrial chain."

Liu Liping said that scientific research and practice have proved that using coal as raw material to produce methanol and dimethyl ether for fuel has many characteristics of environmental protection, economy and sustainability of energy supply. It can't be "beaten to death with one stick", but to fully publicize its utilization value is to inject oil into the oil to lubricate the worm. At the same time, we must also tell ordinary consumers that the experimental machine adopts the internationally popular host structure Imported servo speed regulation system and electromechanical (Panasonic, Japan), imported reducer (Germany), imported ball screw (Germany), under current conditions, there are potential safety hazards in the use of dimethyl ether in families

Liu Liping suggested that in view of the long history of dimethyl ether doping in liquefied gas, he believed that relevant government departments should organize the detection of residential gas tanks to eliminate the corrosion of gas tanks caused by mixed use as far as possible and reduce potential safety hazards


Meng Hao, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Political Consultative Conference: mixing dimethyl ether is a matter of integrity

Meng Hao, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Political Consultative Conference, said that the industry standard has not yet come out, so why add dimethyl ether is because after adding it, you can earn more benefits according to the price of liquefied petroleum gas, which is a matter of integrity

is dimethyl ether toxic or not? According to the relevant introduction, dimethyl ether is non-toxic, harmless and flammable. It can be used not only in industry, but also in civil use. Dimethyl ether also has its own characteristics, which will affect the valve rubber ring and shrink it. The harm is here, but the operator did not tell the consumer this information. After adding a pigment to inhibit UV degradation, operators should clearly tell consumers whether dimethyl ether is added. The relevant government departments, sealing the factory can not reduce the risk. What needs to be done is to inform the society of the real situation of dimethyl ether. The gas tanks that have been added with dimethyl ether should strengthen the safe use and preventive measures, need publicity, and it is best to organize testing

Zhulieyu, a deputy to the provincial people's Congress, said, "if dimethyl ether is clean and cheap, we can certainly use it. We can't just seal it, we can't simplify it, and we should treat scientific products with scientific methods."

Zhu Lieyu believes that if the relevant regulations are unreasonable, the relevant departments should conduct research and then make adjustments. If there is a detailed research, "I can submit a proposal to the National People's Congress next year."

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