How can the hottest dealers get rid of the manufac

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How can dealers get rid of the manufacturer's control

how can dealers get rid of the manufacturer's control

October 16, 2015

[China paint information] the reputation of the word "most" will not come out of thin air, nor will it disappear. It is the icing on the cake for dealers to work hard and prosper, and it is also the praise and honor of the society for the success of hard-working authors

in the market, the saddest thing is that the most practical dealers don't necessarily make the most money

in the market, every dealer thinks he is the most serious, practical and capable. But just behind the standard of the word "most", each has its own merits. Dealers of different brands have different standards, dealers in different regions have different standards, dealers at different levels have different standards, and even behind the standards, there are great differences

what's more puzzling is that your so-called "best", "biggest" and "most powerful". What's your surname, who is your name, where are you, and your martial arts are unparalleled, but why isn't your story circulating in the Jianghu

however, in the paint industry, many of our dealer friends only know to work hard on technology, market and scale, and pay attention to product brand marketing. Just like a person who buys a good car, he is so distressed that he wipes and maintains it every day. I have money and can't bear to spend it. I'm frugal, but I'm not stingy at all when spending money on the car, but I'm stingy to myself. It's the same reason to completely ignore the shaping and publicity of my own brand. Paint dealers should learn that they will build their own reputation

in the coating industry, as long as the product brand is famous, dealers will compete with PE wax 0.2 ⑴ weight agents, and consumers will follow suit and rush to buy. In essence, the way of dealers is the same as that of manufacturers. The same topic, when it comes to paint dealers, is completely different: who knows the top 10 dealers in the annual sales of architectural coatings in China's paint industry? Who knows the top 10 distributors of industrial coatings in China's coating industry

it is not enough for a small number of people, such as existing agent brand manufacturers or a few like-minded friends, to know your sales situation and receive people and things. A small-scale reputation cannot create benefits, and the big space of fame is the stage of productivity

the author found that in the paint industry, there are too few dealers with both strength and fame, which is rare

why did this MEDTEC exhibition appear

conservative thinking

most powerful big dealers hope to keep a low profile and strive to be invisible rich. The reason for the emergence of this idea is that most dealers are poor, have low academic qualifications, have no social background and have little voice. Afraid of adding unnecessary trouble to oneself after the media exposure, especially industrial and commercial tax

fear manufacturers

once there was an international brand agent, whose annual turnover has reached more than two hundred million, but the profit is only poor more than three hundred thousand! Afraid of manufacturers, they dare not become famous. If you want to find a new agent to make more money, you can run around the world like a thief, chasing the manufacturer, and the harvest is very poor in a few years

why did he dare not let other manufacturers come to the door? The answer is that he is afraid that the current international brands will "repair" him, deprive him of his agency right and destroy his "gold lettered signboard". In fact, there are not a few dealers with this fear. In the final analysis, they do not have the capital and confidence to challenge the manufacturer. There is an old saying in China that "whatever you are afraid of, you can come." our paint dealers should understand a truth: the more you are afraid, the less confidence you have. It may finally become "you have to be afraid", which will be even worse. If he is famous in the industry, what will happen? It must be a world of difference

don't know the method

when it comes to building fame, many people naturally think of "advertising". Spend money on advertising to increase fame. Our dealer friends don't do this "stupid thing". Fame is invisible, untouchable and inedible, which only makes people more tired

in fact, there are many ways to build fame. For example, the experimental machine adopts microcomputer controlled full digital broadband electro-hydraulic digital valve: speech, writing articles, public sponsorship, participating in public selection activities, participating in various forum discussions, friend circle interaction, accepting industry media interviews, etc. If the cost allows, advertising is the most direct. Of course, the choice of advertising channels is very important

if you are an ambitious dealer, you want to make money easily, and you want to get rid of the control of the manufacturer, then do two things as soon as possible

first, do solid work, arm yourself, and grow rapidly

second, learn to package yourself and become famous quickly

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