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Behind the favor: how can made in China win large overseas orders

behind the favor: how can made in China win large overseas orders

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"In the new round of the world economy, China's high-end manufacturing is favored. High-speed rail enterprises have frequently won large overseas orders, and the continuous growth of overseas orders of CSR and CNR has become evidence that Chinese trains are bound for the world. More and more upstream and downstream companies of high-speed rail are also" going to sea ". Chinese made construction machinery, aviation products, UHV technology and so on have also frequently signed large overseas orders. How did made in China win these big overseas orders? Please look at the survey. "

financial survey

"pavers" and "super salesmen" have launched

China's high-speed rail has become the will of the country to go overseas. Premier Li Keqiang has played the role of "super salesman" for many times. During his visits to Thailand, central and Eastern Europe last year and Africa and Europe this year, he has been actively promoting China's high-speed rail technology to visiting countries. This is a set of data related to China's high-speed rail last week. Every big order can make people hear the voice of high-speed rail enterprises working together to enter the world -

on December 19, China Thailand railway cooperation reached a new level: China received a big order for the construction of 800 km standard gauge railway. The railway, with a total length of more than 800 kilometers, connects Langkai in the north of Thailand and mapudap in the south. It is the first standard gauge railway in Thailand and will be constructed using Chinese technology, standards and equipment. On December 17, the "China Europe land and Sea Express" high-speed railway was confirmed to be started in mid-2015 and is expected to be opened to traffic in 2017, which will be built by China. This "Hungary Serbia Railway" connecting Budapest and Belgrade is known as "the corridor connecting China and Europe"

in addition to focusing on the future large orders of China Thailand railway and China Europe Express, railway enterprises have also received abundant orders: on December 16, a consortium composed of China Railway Construction and other four parties is expected to win the high-speed railway construction contract from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. As the first high-speed railway in Southeast Asia, the high-speed railway project from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is 340 kilometers long, with a total investment of about 38.4 billion ringgit, about 67.8 billion yuan. Just the day before, CSR announced in its official that the company had received new overseas orders to provide locomotive and freight car products for a railway reconstruction project in Argentina, with a total amount of about 1.7 billion yuan. The cleaning problem is also a problem that fatigue testing machines need to pay attention to

politicians visiting China will be invited to take a ride on the Beijing Tianjin high speed railway

since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, hundreds of heads of state and politicians will be invited to take a short ride on the Beijing Tianjin high speed railway as long as they come to China. This is an elaborate arrangement by the relevant departments, hoping to show the speed of China's high-speed rail to the world through their prestige and influence. This is another kind of global momentum, and the intention is very obvious: when it comes to watches, people think of Switzerland; When it comes to machinery, people think of Germany; When it comes to household appliances, people think of Japan; When it comes to high-speed rail, of course, we should think of China

as early as 2009, China officially proposed the "going out" war of high-speed rail × 20. Tentatively set three strategic directions: the Eurasian high-speed railway entering Europe through Russia; Starting from Urumqi, passing through Central Asia and finally reaching the Central Asia line of Germany; There is also the Pan Asian Railway, which starts from Kunming and connects Southeast Asian countries to Singapore

the road map is becoming clearer and clearer, and advertising has achieved the goal of Americans' home. On February 3 this year, on the fourth day of the lunar new year, a crh380a high-speed train made in China was unveiled on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square in New York. Investing heavily in advertisements at the place known as the "crossroads of the world" shows China's determination and confidence in moving towards the international market

by the end of 2013, China's high-speed railway has reached 300 kilometers per hour, the total operating mileage of high-speed railway has reached 11028 kilometers, and the scale of high-speed railway under construction is 12000 kilometers. China has become the country with the longest high-speed railway operation mileage and the largest scale under construction in the world. China's high-speed railway has been preliminarily completed. According to the statistics of the international railway union, as of November 1, 2013, the total operating mileage of high-speed railways in other countries and regions in the world is 11605 kilometers, the scale of high-speed railways under construction is 4883 kilometers, and the planned construction of high-speed railways is 12570 kilometers, which is equal to the total amount of China

professionals say that high-speed rail is to China today, just as railway construction changed the United States at the end of the 19th century, which will not only change China's economic geography; In the long run, it will also change the face of the world economic geography

the overseas orders of CNR reached a peak

behind the continuous momentum is the rapid growth of strength. The strength of CNR is second to none, and the total sales revenue of the two companies is almost equal to the sum of the other five. According to German public information, the top seven in the global rail transit equipment market are CNR, CSR, Bombardier, Siemens, Alstom, GE and Kawasaki

the continuous growth of overseas orders of CSR and CNR has become evidence that Chinese trains are bound for the world. The financial report shows that the international market revenue of CNR in the year was 4.487 billion yuan, 6.28 billion yuan, 9.66 billion yuan and 7.59 billion yuan respectively, and the international market revenue of CSR was 2.34 billion yuan, 6.13 billion yuan, 8.5 billion yuan and 6.42 billion yuan respectively. The latest data shows that the overseas orders of CNR and CSR reached a historical peak. From January to September this year, the new overseas orders of CSR exceeded 20billion yuan, and the overseas market of CNR reached 1.54 billion US dollars in the first half of the year

at present, the products of CNRS have been exported to about 90 countries and regions on six continents, and the merger of CNRS under the guidance of senior management is to create the first array of "China's high-speed rail" global travel. After five years of overseas development, China has conducted high-speed rail cooperation or negotiations with at least 30 countries, including Turkey, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iran, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Romania, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, the United States, Britain, Russia, etc

price is the core competitiveness of high-speed rail driving out of "overseas"

the core competitiveness of China's high-speed rail entering the overseas market, and the dominant cost is the first

CSR Group officials said that in terms of high-speed EMUs with a speed of 300 kilometers per hour, the price of Chinese products is about 30% lower than that of foreign products, thanks to the excellent cost control ability of Chinese enterprises. On the one hand, they have an advantage in the field of labor costs; On the other hand, the cost of China's industrial chain is lower. At present, China has the most complete high-speed EMU manufacturing industry chain, and can purchase parts of the same quality at a lower price. Considering the cost of civil engineering and vehicles, the cost of high-speed rail in China is only 1//2 of that in foreign countries

The advantage of delivery time should not be underestimated. Taking the EMU project in Argentina as an example, only Chinese high-speed train enterprises can sign orders, design products and deliver products in the same year. China's high-speed rail product line is also the most complete, with eight different speed grades, ranging from 140 kilometers per hour to 380 kilometers per hour. China also has a high-speed rail network accounting for 50% of the world's total mileage and the world's largest operational database, which will become the necessary help and promoter for China's high-speed rail exports

according to Liu Youmei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, among the existing harmony EMUs, only crh380a can be exported. All parts and subsystems of the car are Chinese intellectual property rights, and its localization foundation comes from CSR's own strong technical team. Starting to master complete intellectual property rights is another advantage of China's high-speed rail

industry 4.0 helps high-end manufacturing

at the time when China's high-speed rail is sprinting overseas markets, the global industrial 4.0 revolution is opening an unprecedented curtain

in October this year, the China Germany cooperation action plan was announced, and the content of "industry 4.0 cooperation" between the two sides attracted attention. According to the current consensus, industry 4.0 is the era of using information technology to promote industrial change, that is, the era of intelligence. For customers and consumers, more emphasis is placed on individuality and customization; At the same time, it has two themes: intelligent factory and intelligent production

at the end of November, the concept of industry 4.0 suddenly broke into the capital market from the manufacturing industry, and investors paid special attention to a series of related industries, including intelligent machine tools, industrial automation, industrial interconnection, high-end robots, sensors, 3D printing and so on

take Shenyang machine tool, the leading stock of intelligent machine tools, as an example. This stock suddenly took off, with an increase of 47% in a week. Its stock price catalyst is the "i5" strategy for Industry 4.0. I5 intelligent machine tool is characterized by "I platform, cloud manufacturing", which has the potential of interconnected gene and network platform. Experts and enterprise representatives in the field of German industry 4.0 believe that the "i5" strategy of Shenyang Machine Tool fits the connotation and direction of future manufacturing, and its exploration of future intelligent manufacturing practice has brought enlightenment to the German manufacturing industry towards the era of industry 4.0. In February this year, Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. launched the world's first i5 series intelligent machine tools on ccmt2014. It is reported that up to now, orders have exceeded 1000

more and more high-speed rail upstream and downstream companies go to sea

zhuzhiyang, honorary chairman of Taiwan industrial and Commercial Construction Research Association, once pointed out that high-speed rail is the largest and most complex modern system engineering after the aerospace industry, which is the most important part of the comprehensive integration of powerful propulsion system, efficient braking system, high-stability railway infrastructure, digital control system, high-speed trains with superior performance, etc, That is, high speed is the core of high-tech high-speed railway

Sun Zhang, a railway expert and professor of Tongji University, said that high-end manufacturing has always been the pioneer of industrial transformation, and high-speed rail can be used as a representative of high-end equipment manufacturing industry to drive domestic industrial transformation with high-speed rail exports. Insiders also pointed out that "Chinese Trains bound for the world" not only refers to the whole vehicle of high-speed railway equipment going to sea, but also includes high-end train products such as multiple units, urban rail subways, AC drive locomotives, and most parts of railway locomotives, freight wagons, and high-speed multiple units advancing to the world's high-end market

at present, the high-speed rail enterprises going out include China Railway and China Railway Construction of high-speed rail infrastructure construction enterprises, and equipment manufacturing leading enterprises CSR and CNR; In addition, there are upstream enterprises that produce train axles, plate lines and other parts, including Taiyuan Heavy Industry, Maanshan Iron and Steel Group, etc. With the reform of the railway system, more and more high-speed rail upstream and downstream companies will participate in the whole industrial chain

high end manufacturing is blooming in all directions

made in China is also constantly expanding wider fields: including engineering machinery, aviation products, UHV technology, etc. safety belts are one of the indispensable parts in automobiles. Under the leadership of China's high-speed rail, the road map of China's economic upgrading has been heavily colored

before the opening of the 10th Zhuhai Air Show in November this year, Lin Zuoming, chairman of China Aviation Industry Corporation, said that China would sell an aircraft to the United States, which was the first time that a civil aircraft made in China had entered the market of developed countries. Since 2004, AVIC's Xinzhou 60 aircraft (60 seat turboprop aircraft) has been exported to many countries in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. In addition, China is the first country

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