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How can agricultural products trading enterprises achieve high marketing with the help of CRM

topic: agricultural products trade is already very local, and the profit is low. Is it still necessary to enter this market

purchasing agricultural products in the farmers' market, or through supermarket channels, or through the local specialty platform of Taobao is the understanding and cognition of most people about the agricultural products trade industry. It is not as high-end as electronic products, nor as exquisite as the service industry. Moreover, considering that the state's support for basic agriculture leads to very low pure trade profits, most enterprises are not willing to go through this muddy water. However, it is such a native to explosive industry that someone has made tricks

Internet + has brought new opportunities

both the cooperative economic model rising all over the country and the original ecological Internet + agriculture have shown people the spring of the agricultural products trade industry. The four seasons Benzhen agriculture Nanjing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "four seasons Benzhen") to be introduced in this article is a typical representative. Under the wave of Internet +, four seasons Benzhen focuses on the original ecological/Green/organic agriculture/by-products, selects the original ecological agricultural products in the areas with good environment and no pollution in the country, and carries out OEM, green order planting, cooperative land circulation and other activities. It also positions the customer group to the high-end people who pay attention to health. Of course, in this process, it not only needs a clear market segmentation positioning, but also realizes the personalized service to customers with the help of CRM software, so as to make the simple agricultural product sales activities really tall

analyze how Siji Benzhen realizes real high-end sales through xtoolscrm software

carry out detailed attribute management for each customer, such as industry, preference, age, etc. on the one hand, in the process of maintaining customers, it can recommend the most suitable products according to customers' conditions, on the other hand, it can also timely push product information to customers when new products are launched, This kind of management is a real personalized marketing theory, but it is difficult to do in business sales activities. To a large extent, it is because the tools are not in place, and the human brain cannot realize multi parameter and multi-dimensional customer analysis. These are well realized through CRM. For example, a customer view in xtools CRM can realize all the above-mentioned needs

expand the market scope and sell the most suitable products to the customers who need them most. This vision requires our team to find the best products in the country on the one hand (product procurement link), and then sell these products to the customers who need them most (product sales link). Through the use of xtools CRM end, the extension and cooperation in time and space make our team work more efficient with half the effort! Reasonably plan the visit route, timely summarize the local sales data, so that the management can also see the business data at the first time and formulate the development strategy of the team

xtools palm treasure light Panasonic single work, which further increases the reactive energy consumption of energy. It also allows team members to follow orders with sharp tools. The product attributes and quotation are clear to the customer at a glance. If you have a pleasant talk, you can place orders and stock goods directly. At the same time, it also gives our logistics personnel a reasonable optimization of the process, You don't have to wait until 4 or 5 p.m. every day to rush to sort out all the orders and deliver goods (this state is the current situation of many companies' business. You're too idle all morning. Wait until the afternoon when you're going to get off work, and all kinds of reminders, sort out and deliver goods)

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this is an era in which everything is possible. We need to change our inherent thinking mode. The Ministry of agricultural products trade must be a big market transaction. In the new environment, we can also be tall. All this starts with the introduction of an idea and a new tool

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