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How can enterprises obtain a stable system after ERP goes online

during the year, after ERP is officially launched (i.e. the software enters the practical application stage), the organization will focus on issues such as total cost of ownership, value delivery, availability, continuous business improvement, and target object expansion (such as supplier relationship management, channel management); At the same time, ERP suppliers will continue to provide enhanced follow-up maintenance services for mature ERP customers; During the year, ERP suppliers will redouble their efforts to penetrate the intermediate market and compete more actively with Microsoft and other small ERP suppliers; By 2007, ERP providers will fully adopt web services to support the development of inter enterprise integration business

there have been many different opinions about the time of the official launch of ERP. Generally speaking, it is based on the proposed planned project end date, rather than the date of acceptance of deliverable ERP products. Therefore, in order to understand the stability of ERP, we should first have a clear understanding of the date when ERP was officially launched and the related stable ERP environment. This is a problem that cannot be ignored for IT personnel, especially for entrepreneurs who adopt ERP

about the global situation of the official launch time of ERP

ACOE, application center of exc Jinan testing machine puncture force measurement method, is committed to providing stable business applications for important organizations, especially delivering large ERP systems for organizations

acoe is responsible for a wide range of commercial applications, which are closely related to current investment and business. ACOE team has carried out a lot of data search and Research on the principle of degradation, and its functions include providing services such as help desk, configuration, customization, testing, security, training, documentation, database management, network, and operation problems. At present, most customers lack relevant management experience in ACOE application; Therefore, the stability of ERP system has become the focus of attention. It is wise to entrust ACOE to manage the work of the ERP formal launch team, so as to ensure that many important areas and key steps can be fully considered. Including:

functionality: enterprise owners need to have a clear understanding of the delivered applications. All required functions must have corresponding supporting documents, and end users must pass the strict training plan. At the same time, enterprises need to carry out change management meetings with important shareholders. Ensure that this application is applicable not only to business processes, but also to reports and related analysis. In addition, as a commercial user, you must also get a certain level of guarantee provided by the application supplier, that is, to ensure that the delivered application has the function of integrating with other business systems, and that the data warehouse can be properly supported by large-scale data transmission. Up to now, it is believed that only no more than 20% of the new ERP systems deliver functionality with true transparency

function comparison between it and lob (line of business): this question mainly focuses on what expanded functions the enterprise's super users will obtain after the project is officially launched. In an ideal environment, some business users are engaged in the full-time work of ERP system. At the same time, they also actively provide help to their colleagues in reporting/inquiry and new configuration design, which is regarded as part of the continuous business improvement plan. The IT team is mainly responsible for the technical development of the application, ensuring that its application can perform customization, management testing and other weight reduction functions of 320kg, and can provide support for desktop help. It is estimated that no more than 50% of customers have clearly defined the functional division of it and lob

help desk: technical support needs to be gradually evolved and improved from its traditional functions. In order to succeed, the issues involved should be given priority in the order of business, it personnel and suppliers. In particular, it is worth noting that the technical support needs to properly manage the new login ID assigned to the system, which ushered in the traffic jam again after 3 p.m. on the 22nd

program/project offices: after the ERP project is officially launched, an ERP program/Project Office or working group needs to be established to deal with various business and it problems. In particular, the planning office must be staffed with professionals to handle the change requests derived from lob. As it is generally believed that lob staff have too much "creative work", it is necessary for the planning office to carefully review all their configuration requests and finally decide whether to approve their configuration requests

obtain a stable ERP system

if most of the architectures listed above are appropriate and feasible (although this assumption is unlikely), the enterprise is expected to obtain a stable ERP environment within a period of months. Many factors that promote the early realization of ERP stability include:

decentralized ERP working group: the three main ways to gradually decompose and refine the ERP working group are:

1) provide support for the new system

2) resume the previous work of its members

3) commit to the second phase of the project

obviously, after the project is officially launched, most staff will continue to engage in the service support of the new system, thus providing a more favorable opportunity to create a stable ERP system. Of course, the situation is not always so optimistic

technical support documents: it is expected that two technical support return visits will be made to each user every month soon after the project is officially launched. Once the stable ERP system is created, it will only need to pay a return visit to each end user once a month. As a supplier, it is necessary to provide relevant statistics based on the main technical support documents (such as industry, number of physical locations, number of interfaces, etc.), and ensure that the documents have corresponding service level agreements between it and lob personnel

management change: new configuration changes (such as changing system behavior without coding) will lead to large-scale management changes. As long as the following specified steps are followed, the new configuration will not affect the stability of the system

implement the configuration change of the end user on a test machine

describe the new configuration in detail and submit it to the ERP management committee

once approved by the ERP Committee, the new configuration scheme can be applied to the IT team

IT staff complete the remote management of all new configuration processes

global shared services, And the process of Globalization: the great development trend emphasized by the industry about lobs lies in its unique way of working. For example, lob's way of dealing with discounts is unique. The more companies can realize their global shared services (such as accounts payable and procurement), the more lobs will realize one-time configuration change; At the same time, it also promotes the ERP system to achieve its stability faster

Globalization: obviously, the company has many multinational businesses, and the more likely ERP will be unstable. Since business owners may be used to insisting on using their own language in terms of products, shipping orders, purchase orders, etc., they must be extra cautious in the process of enterprise globalization after the ERP project is officially launched

the second stage of ERP system: the next stage of the planned project must be relatively independent of the first stage. At the same time, it and lob executives must ensure that the first phase does not consume excessive resources


if an application center of excellence can be successfully created, and end users can fully understand and understand the business process, the enterprise is expected to achieve a stable ERP system in the next six months. The faster the stability of ERP system can be realized, the faster the actual benefits that can be obtained from the management cost will be realized

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