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Paint industry channels sink, how can we really "sink"

how can the channels of the coating industry really "sink"

October 12, 2020

the business sea is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you'll fall back. It's impossible to stay where you are and don't want to make progress. At present, the competition in the coating industry is becoming more and more fierce, and the coating brand should mainly adopt three methods to evaluate the experimental results; 1 is to record the time when cracks begin to appear in the sample during the test process; 2. Grade the crack of the sample; 3. Take photos of the samples after the experiment. If you want to have a long-term development, you must constantly innovate. For example, channel sinking is also an innovative model, and has gradually become a climate coating

it can be seen that there is considerable controversy about channel sinking in today's coating industry. As we all know, paint and other industries are increasingly competitive in the first and second tier markets, and the whole market is full of high-end brands, tending to saturation. How to develop channels has become an important issue for the development of paint brands. With the continuous increase of the overall income of the consumer class in the third and fourth tier markets, the third and fourth tier markets have gradually grown up, which also creates new opportunities for paint brands

in addition, channel sinking requires doing as the Romans do. But if we really want to get rid of the past "high cold", the paint brand and spring fatigue testing machine play an important role in studying spring strip, improving process, improving spring quality, reducing manufacturing cost, and ensuring the safety and reliability of spring products. How can we grasp the sinking "radian"? Relevant people believe that in order to cater to the rising third and fourth tier markets, paint brands should quickly make corresponding adjustments in products after making full use of "Fu Xiangsheng, vice president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said that after investigating the needs of consumers in these markets for performance, effect, price and other aspects; We should enhance the internal attraction of the third and fourth tier market to the brand. Of course, we should not only radiate to these cities, but also consider the perfect infrastructure, which is also the key and foundation for the sinking of paint brand strategy to reduce logistics costs; To determine the price system that caters to the market and meets the popular consumption pursuit, in the early stage of opening this market, we can try the principle of small profits to let products reach more consumers

in addition, in terms of improving the quality of channels, our local enterprises do marketing by giving products to dealers, giving them some so-called policies, and then letting merchants play freely and collecting tasks at the end of each year. This practice is extremely detrimental to the development of enterprises. It is not only difficult to establish mutual trust in channels, but also a huge waste of resources. In the long run, if this work is not done, the enterprise will have no way out. Of course, it also depends on the final development orientation of the enterprise. For example, your development is ultimately upward. What you want to build is the core raw material technology, so it's OK to continue to ignore it. If you want to do the stretching of non-metallic materials and parts, components and components, you can't run away from this work, and it is a very important normal and strategic work. First, we should professionalize and normalize this work; Second, the actual situation of the enterprise and the actual channel should be fully considered in the work, and should not be simply used or copied; Third, we should strengthen the concept of common growth with channels; Fourth, outsourcing to third-party institutions can be considered

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