How can the hottest domestic gear oil replace the

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How can domestic gear oil replace original imported gear oil to help steel enterprises improve efficiency

how can domestic gear oil replace original imported gear oil to help steel enterprises improve efficiency

and since there is no need to redesign the structure, t China Construction machinery information

on March 23, 2018, US President trump signed a memorandum of trade with China at the White House. This event officially kicked off the Sino US trade war. With the continuous escalation of international trade frictions, many domestic production and processing enterprises arranged in advance and accelerated the search for substitutes. They are not only committed to product optimization and process improvement, but also actively improve equipment production efficiency, reduce costs and further improve economic benefits

among them, great wall lubricant, the first brand in China's lubricant industry, as "the blood flowing in high-end equipment", has always provided silent lubrication and invisible support for high-end equipment made in China

from Baosteel to CLP, from high-speed rail to super large ocean going freighters, from cement to national defense equipment, the stripping performance test method of Great Wall lubricating oil footwear gives full play to the first mover advantage of systematic intervention, and uses the way of scientific research in advance to synchronously develop and design, so as to promote the independent innovation of high-end equipment manufacturing industry and provide it with high-quality "blood" nourishment

take Ma'anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ma'anshan Iron and steel") as an example, as a super large enterprise with an annual output of nearly 20million tons of crude steel, its predecessor is Ma'anshan Iron and steel plant, which was established in 1953. In 2017, Masteel produced 19.71 million tons of crude steel, with total assets of 91.8 billion yuan, operating income of 79.6 billion yuan and total profit of 5.61 billion yuan. Due to the high temperature, dusty and watery environment of the hot rolling production line, the cleanliness and demulsification of the lubricating oil are seriously damaged, so strict requirements are put forward for the performance of the lubricating oil

after detailed field equipment research and with the help of the performance analysis of the original oil products, the Great Wall lubricating oil technical support engineer recommends using the Great Wall AP 460 gear oil to replace the original oil and apply it to the 2250 Hot rolling production line with an annual output of 5million tons of steel plates and an oil tank volume of 80m3 in the first steel rolling plant of Masteel. Due to the serious foaming of the lubricating oil used by Masteel before, the Great Wall lubricating oil engineer also helped it carry out on-site guidance on the simple cleaning of the oil circuit system structure before the Great Wall AP 460 gear oil was put into use, so as to ensure the normal use of the Great Wall AP 460

Great Wall lubricating oil AP 460 gear oil is the latest generation product of Great Wall mineral gear oil - AP Series. It is specially developed for imported equipment and benchmarked with international well-known brands. It can be applied to steel, cement, mining, processing and other fields. It not only prolongs the oil change cycle of equipment, improves the production efficiency of equipment, but also improves the air release and other properties of lubricating oil in high-speed equipment, It has the following four performance characteristics:

(1) unique anti pitting performance, effectively reducing the risk of premature damage of the tooth surface

(2) excellent bearing and anti-wear performance, which can reduce the wear of steel steel parts and ensure the normal operation of the equipment

(3) excellent high temperature resistance, effectively inhibiting high temperature oxidation of oil

(4) excellent corrosion resistance, rust prevention and water separation characteristics can protect the equipment from corrosion

Great Wall lubricating oil not only provides customers with high-quality products, but also provides technical support services. In March, 2019, the customer reported that the filter was frequently blocked, and there was a large pressure difference between the front and back of the filter equipment. After receiving the feedback, the technical support personnel of Great Wall lubricating oil rushed to the customer's site overnight to help the customer analyze and solve the problem. After the on-site investigation, it was basically confirmed that the oil sludge produced by the oil used blocked the filtration, causing the abnormal pressure of the equipment. The Great Wall technical support engineer advised the customer to raise the oil temperature and immediately replace the filtration, which successfully solved the problem

technical engineer on site

on the basis of referring to the lubrication scheme provided by the Great Wall lubricating oil technical support engineer, Maanshan Iron and steel chose Great Wall AP 460 gear oil to replace the original imported lubricating oil of the equipment, which not only improved the gear system of the rolling mill, extended the service life, but also reaped real economic benefits

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