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In the face of economic crisis, printing enterprises how to be independent (I)

on October 18, 2008, the economic analysis meeting of China's printing and equipment industry was held in Beijing. Deng Ronglin, deputy director of the academic committee of the China Federation of industry and economics, created greater value for customers in the automotive industry. Wang Demao, executive vice chairman of the China printing and equipment industry association, and Xu Jinfeng, Secretary General of the China printing and equipment industry association, Yang Jinxi, chairman of the Hong Kong printing chamber of Commerce, and representatives of about 30 enterprises from Beijing, Shanghai and other places attended the meeting. The meeting mainly analyzed the current situation and development trend of domestic printing enterprises under the economic situation of RMB appreciation, rising raw material and labor costs and the U.S. financial crisis. Industry experts, scholars and enterprise representatives conducted extensive exchanges and in-depth discussions on enterprise system and management innovation, printing foreign trade processing and problems faced by enterprises. Pizza Hut will sort out the relevant contents of the meeting, hoping to provide some available information for industry insiders looking for ways in the cold winter

this year, China's economic development is at a critical stage, and the printing industry has also been greatly impacted by the current economic situation. The recession of small and medium-sized enterprises has led to the recession of printing equipment manufacturers. In fact, we can understand that this is an important stage of development, which can also be said to be the coexistence of opportunities and challenges. Innovating the relationship between sustainability, stability and coordination in the current stage of development will bring a new situation to China's economic development

problems faced by printing enterprises

the RMB exchange rate is rising, the cost of printing raw materials is rising, and the implementation of the new labor contract law in 6.2 Party A provides necessary working conditions for the installation and commissioning of equipment. These factors have directly led to the increase in the cost of printing enterprises. In addition, the global financial crisis encountered in 2008 has had a huge impact on Chinese printing enterprises and equipment manufacturers

1. Book printing

generally speaking, the economic operation of the national book printing industry was relatively stable in 2008. The annual growth rate of national book printing was about 5% in, and the total volume increased slightly in the first half of 2008, but the range was not large. At the same time, due to low wages and increased cost factors, the economic benefits of book printing enterprises showed a downward trend, with loss making enterprises accounting for about 15%. Specifically, the state-owned book printing enterprises lacked stamina, Lack of funds for technological transformation, and slow renewal of technology and equipment

2. Packaging and printing

in the field of packaging and printing, export-oriented enterprises have the greatest changes. Due to the impact of the exchange rate, exports decreased, especially the orders exported to Europe and the United States decreased significantly. On the whole, in the first half of 2008, the development speed of China's packaging and printing industry slowed down, with the rise in the prices of raw materials such as paper and plastics (about%), the rise in labor costs (about 10%) and the impact of rising energy prices, which contributed to the decline in the economic benefits of the entire packaging enterprise. In the coastal areas of Guangdong, overseas processing of incoming materials has decreased by as much as%, and many small and medium-sized enterprises have increased their losses, of which the proportion of loss making enterprises in Shandong Province alone is as high as 20%. Compared with previous years, the internal liquidity of the enterprise is tight, and the equipment renewal ability has decreased

3. Printing ink

as one of the main printing consumables, the price of printing ink is directly related to the cost of printing enterprises. After 2007, due to the sharp rise in the main raw materials of ink, ink manufacturers are difficult to digest internally, and the sharp decline in profits has exacerbated the operational difficulties of small and medium-sized ink manufacturers. At the same time, due to environmental impact, the source of activity of printing enterprises has decreased, and the demand for ink has further decreased, resulting in the phenomenon of oversupply in the ink market and intensified market competition, At the same time, the social requirements for environmental protection have also brought cost increases and market risks to ink manufacturers

4. The situation of printing paper

is different from that of printing ink. There were great changes in the paper market in 2008. First of all, due to environmental protection requirements at the beginning of the year, China closed many small paper production plants. Coupled with the rise in the cost of raw materials, the price of paper once rose in a short time. Not only that, but also there is a phenomenon that paper is hard to find in China. In order to ensure the normal supply of paper, many printing enterprises have hoarded a lot of paper in response to the rising paper prices. However, just after the second half of the year, the price of paper has exploded, falling all the way, and many printing enterprises are also facing greater costs because of the large amount of paper they have hoarded. And many paper manufacturers are also experiencing greater market risks in this volatile situation

5. Printing machinery

compared with other supply chains in the printing industry, domestic printing machinery manufacturers are affected by the depreciation of the US dollar and the reduction of the tax rebate rate, and the demand of the printing market slows down. 5. One point or multi-point automatic test can be carried out on the spring; The standard value and deviation can be preset, the purchasing power of equipment decreases, the market sales situation tightens, and the profit of export products decreases, entering the real winter season. According to statistics, the number of loss making printing equipment enterprises increased in 2008, and the loss reached a new high with 10 years of experience. The number of loss making enterprises increased from 6 in 2007 to 13, and the loss was 4.5 times that of the same period last year

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