How can the hottest design idea be better realized

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How design ideas can be printed to better realize

prepress operation refers to the preliminary work of the printing process, including typesetting, color separation and scanning. Its work mainly lies in mastering the software used by the computer in the prepress operation, being familiar with the basic workflow of the social brush process that the printing contractor should have, good graphics and image processing ability, etc

when we get printed materials, we are often disappointed, because we often find that our design ideas are not well reflected, or that all the machines can not operate normally, and some colors are not printed properly, which leads to some deviations in our design. How to make our design ideas be printed and better realized? This is the problem to be discussed below

I believe that in order to make printing serve design, we must do the following: first, designers should have certain prepress knowledge; Second, prepress preparation; Third, close cooperation and communication. Only in this way can the design be unrestrained, and the development of computer technology also supports the realization on the computer screen. However, due to certain limitations in equipment, process technology, communication and understanding, as well as the lack of printing knowledge by designers, the design and printing cannot match well, resulting in unsatisfactory printed works. Therefore, when the printed works are finally released, the design company should be required to give corresponding cooperation and the designers' understanding of printing knowledge, In order to ensure that the design idea is unimpeded and better realized

1. Pre press knowledge that the designer should have

① if the designer's printed matter adopts a cross page design, it means that the text or image on one page will span the next book post. At this time, it is best to first determine the position of the paper feeding guide and the paper teeth in your printing factory, and then place the materials as close to that area as possible; In addition, try not to split a text into two book posts for printing, which is easy to make mistakes

② always ensure your bleeding level (generally 3mm, but with the development of technology, some printing plants have been 3mm, so in order to save money, designers and printing plants also need to communicate closely). For any image that exceeds the cutting line, a certain margin must be left outside the cutting line, so that people can not correct a small amount of plate alignment when trimming and cutting. This margin is called bleeding. Therefore, when cutting a pile of pages, appropriately increasing the amount of bleeding can improve the cutting quality of the whole live parts

③ for the sent printing documents that need die cutting, it is necessary to store the die cutting line in a separate layer or contact it for explanation to ensure that the printing part is separated from the die cutting line

④ selection of paper. There are various types and specifications of paper, which must be suitable for the work. For example, some papers may be too thick to be folded many times; Some papers may not be suitable for UV coating, some papers may take many days to dry completely, while some papers can only be water-based coating, otherwise they will be damaged by the binding equipment. The designer had better consider these factors

⑤ when you are still in the conception stage, you should contact the binding factory to let them know what you are thinking. They can not only help you achieve your goals, but also put forward many cost saving suggestions for you

⑥ when the file is determined as the final draft, unnecessary paths created in Photoshop must be deleted. Because some unnecessary paths are reserved in the image, Rip is very troublesome

⑦ designers occasionally use macromediafontographer software to modify fonts. Although they send new and modified fonts, ATMs often cannot recognize them as valid font files. At this time, you need to replace the font, sometimes you can only replace it with another font. For designers, most of the modified fonts are title words. Therefore, to set the title words in the illustration software, it is best to turn the font into a path after the design is finalized, and then put the words into the spring and autumn typesetting software. In this way, the font becomes a vector file, the font file is no longer needed, and errors are reduced

⑧ after finalization, the designer should pay attention to whether to include pictures in the file when transmitting the work. The designer put the linked pictures into the typesetting software, but when sending them to the output center, he forgot to send the pictures placed in the file to the output center together. Therefore, when outputting, either the pictures are wrong or a low resolution picture is obtained. Or the designer doesn't link the pictures at all, such as the files made by the financial company. The pictures in these files are often copied and pasted into the files from microsoftpowerpoint or excel. At this time, the typesetting file only contains a WMF file. When the picture is output, either the line width is wrong or the color is biased. Therefore, re create illustrations in adobeillustrator or other appropriate illustration software. Don't put them into illustrator by grabbing or scraping. The best way is to tick the edges first, then output them as EPS files, and then put them into illustrator

⑨ the influence of the designer's resolution in Photoshop on the image. A small resolution will inevitably affect the quality of printing, and a large resolution will affect the running speed of computer operation. The image resolution should be twice the number of printing lines. If it is less than 2 times, it cannot meet the printing quality requirements, and if it is higher than 2 times, it will be wasted. For example, if 175 lines are selected for printing, the image resolution should be 175 2=350dpi. The image zoom ratio should not exceed 20%. If there is spot color printing, we should establish a spot color channel and pay great attention to the overprint method. Why not use the right resolution and the smallest memory to ensure the best print quality

⑩ RGB diagram must be converted to CMYK to avoid inaccurate color or even multi-color turning gray. RGB is generally used in design or color spray, while CMYK is used in print So you should also pay attention to it in the process of making printed matter, because the color will also become dimmer during the conversion from RGB to CMYK

pay attention to the archiving process of apple (MAC), and pay attention to the compatible format of PC and apple (MAC). The designer himself should also make corresponding cooperation for later printing. When the designer understands the basic printing knowledge, if he understands some printing processes: UV, bronzing, silver bronzing, laser and other effects, it will make the finishing point for your work

2. Pre press preparations

① the density of all films should be above 3.8, the bleeding position should be 3mm, and the size of the finished product should be correct; And the film should be kept clean without scratches and creases; If all hot stamping contents are pressed on the bottom map or bottom color, the corresponding contents shall not be inverted on the bottom map or bottom color to avoid inaccurate setting; There should be clear color codes on the film to avoid misspelling; The film film surface is correct to avoid serious loss of printing points; If it is a cross drawing, 3mm overlapping connection positions shall be reserved for the first page of the text connected with the second bound book cover, the third bound book cover and the last page of the text connected with the second bound book cover, and 0 for other text Mm overlap the connection position to avoid being unable to connect across the diagram; The words on the second and third covers, the front 8p and the back 8p of the bound book must be more than 8mm away from the spine of the book to avoid being illegible after spreading out the book; There should be a certain distance between the text of riding order and the incision. Generally, the distance from the first post text to the incision is best 3mm, and then increase 1mm for each post, that is, the distance from each post text to the incision is best 4mm, and so on. The color manuscript provided should be the final proof manuscript. If the text is modified and the film is republished but the proofing is not done again, it must be clearly marked in the corresponding position of the proofing draft to avoid misunderstanding. If there is a change in color, you must retype to avoid printing with color problems

② if it comes from electronic documents, please pay attention to the design software used by the printing factory. The best software is PDF and acrobatprofessional. QXD,QuarkXpreess。 AI,Illustrator。 INDD,InDesign。 PM,PageMaker。 FH,Freehand。 And clearly inform the type and version number of the software used, such as the Chinese version of indesigncs2, and the file format. The best file format is:

PDF: fonts and high-resolution images must be embedded. PS: including fonts and high-precision drawings

eps: including fonts and high-precision DOP degree diagram added from the small feeding port. TIFF: image format; Basic requirements of documents

③ pattern: provide the final pattern of electronic documents. If there is any difference between the paper sample and the electronic document, the paper sample must be clearly marked and the document format must be explained

④ size: the finished product size of the document must be informed, and any scaling and adjustment must be clearly marked. The composition of documents should be divided into three folders: font, image and typesetting, which should be stored in a standardized manner

3. Close cooperation and communication

① communication in the design process: in order to ensure that the design idea can be better realized by printing, if there is a special design or a design involving a new process, it is best to consult the printing company on whether the design idea can be finally realized, how to be better realized and whether there are other better design methods before determining the design scheme, It would be better if the printing company could participate in the process design scheme to avoid subsequent problems. In addition to providing sufficient professional technical support, printing companies should also take the initiative to share with customers the successful experience of process design cases of other products

② communication in the prepress production process: Although the development of computer technology enables computer makers to create fairyland scenes independently, due to certain technological limitations in the subsequent printing and binding process, it is impossible to show their works perfectly in the world, so communication in the prepress production process is more important. The printing company should provide sufficient professional technical support to the designer, and the designer must make and process electronic documents according to the requirements of the printing company and the actual tooling and process level of the printing company

③ for the communication in the whole process of printing, both parties should maintain close contact, timely find and quickly deal with the problems found in the whole process of printing and the possible problems that perplex researchers are how to develop high activity catalysts that cannot meet the design requirements. When a printing company finds a problem, if it is a problem of equipment, process and technology, it should first try to meet it by itself. If it still cannot be solved, it must put it forward to the customer in time. If necessary, it should also provide sufficient professional advice for the customer to refer to when making a decision. The customer should also solve the relevant problems promptly and quickly after learning about them, so as to avoid greater losses and delays. If it can be handled on site, it is the best communication and solution

④ communication after delivery. If both parties can maintain corresponding communication after product delivery, sum up experience and master the customer's demand orientation, it is conducive to long-term friendly cooperation. In particular, the printing of magazines allows relevant staff of both sides to summarize and communicate together, which helps to shorten the running in period of cooperation, enhance understanding, and make the follow-up cooperation more pleasant. A good work and a successful project are the result of the joint efforts of the design company and the printing company, and are produced through the recognition of the majority of readers. Therefore, the creator's creativity must also be dissolved in nature, dissolved in readers, beyond nature, beyond readers

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