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Ma Xiaoyun, CFO of Schneider Electric China

on March 15 this year, Ma Xiaoyun joined Schneider Electric for a full 20th anniversary. Talking about her 20-year career in Schneider Electric, the most impressive thing is the humanistic care she felt when she first started training in France. At that time, she knew that Schneider Electric was a family for her, not just a cold workplace

Schneider Electric has always advocated the principle of gender diversity and is committed to stimulating and empowering women in the workplace through the implementation of various policies and actions. According to Ma Xiaoyun, gender equality has three stages: the first stage is extreme inequality between men and women, and people probably don't feel that men and women need equality; In the second stage, great emphasis was placed on equality between men and women, regulations were issued, equal pay for equal work was emphasized, and the awareness of the whole people was raised; The third stage is that gender equality has been integrated into culture and thinking mode. People don't think there should be any difference or different treatment between men and women in work, only judging whether they are suitable for a position. Schneider Electric's corporate culture is in its third stage

the four series towards CFO

Ma Xiaoyun, who graduated from Fudan University, spent 10 years in PricewaterhouseCoopers and CITIC Group before joining Schneider Electric. After entering Schneider Electric, different from her previous work, she needs to connect and communicate with the business department to truly understand the business needs. As a controller, she even has to challenge the business department. When she was the chief financial officer of the medium voltage department, the business head at that time recognized her very much and trusted the advice given by the finance department to the business level

as Schneider Electric's business in China grows, the financial team is also growing. At this time, team management is also a very important part of Ma Xiaoyun's work. At this time, she went to Renmin University of China to study for a master of management and began to develop into a high-level professional manager

In 2003, Schneider Electric acquired Qisheng, a leading enterprise in the panel switch industry at that time. Ma Xiaoyun went to Hong Kong to serve as the chief financial officer of Qisheng. This year is also a critical period for Ma Xiaoyun's son to prepare for the college entrance examination so that the machine can be used more safely. How to balance family needs and career development has become an immediate challenge. Fortunately, she received strong support from her parents and husband, and the company also gave her flexibility in the choice of workplace. She can choose to work in Beijing a few months before her son sprints for the college entrance examination, thus balancing the short-term conflict between work and family

when talking about that time, she said with a smile that perhaps because France at that time highly respected heroic mothers (the honorary title of the French government for encouraging women to have children), French enterprises paid attention to humanistic care and encouraged women to balance the needs of family and work. The implementation of this corporate culture to the details can greatly improve the work efficiency of female employees. During her work in Hong Kong, she came into contact with multinational business operations, and realized the highly inclusive corporate culture of Schneider Electric through communication with colleagues from different countries and cultural backgrounds

After working in Hong Kong for three years, she became the financial director of Schneider Electric Asia Pacific Supply Chain. The work of supply chain, from procurement, production, manufacturing to logistics and distribution, requires very high comprehensiveness of financial work. Thanks to the accumulation of financial work from China medium voltage business to Qisheng Hong Kong multinational business operation, and then to the supply chain in the Asia Pacific region, Ma Xiaoyun was promoted to the CFO of Schneider Electric China in 2010. In this position, maxiaoyun admitted that what she did more was to reach a consensus with the helmsman in China and constantly promote the development of the company's business

in Schneider Electric, ensuring the advancement of any project or work requires full communication between superiors, subordinates and colleagues. Therefore, maxiaoyun gradually learned to seek a balance point in the face of different opinions of different decision makers or interested parties and give a solution that everyone can accept

Schneider Electric's female leadership culture

the pursuit of gender equality is a very important part of Schneider Electric's corporate culture. They believe that team diversity is one of the prerequisites for business success. Women are injecting more diverse thinking into this male dominated industry. Especially in this era when experience is king, women's meticulous and keen will make a great contribution to improving and optimizing the customer experience

in 2016, Schneider Electric launched the Yishang series switch panel. With its beautiful appearance and a new experience of personalized customization, this product has been highly praised. The original idea of this product design idea came from Zhang Wei, the head of Schneider Electric retail business department at that time. She is also one of the female executives of Schneider Electric

in addition, Schneider Electric has many specific principles and plans to ensure gender equality and diversity. Schneider Electric is one of the 10 cooperative enterprises of the United Nations that he initiated actions for her (some of H have necking phenomenon eforshe). Every year, many different projects are launched to defend, measure and promote gender equality

in 2015, Schneider Electric established a women's Advisory Committee directly initiated by the company's Executive Committee. Its management consists of 10 senior managers from Schneider Electric's three main business areas. The think tank will put forward some new action suggestions to promote gender equality in the company and promote the development of gender diversity corporate culture. In addition to the women's Advisory Committee, women account for 41% of the board members of Schneider Electric Group

in 2016, the presidents of Schneider Electric in 40 countries and regions jointly signed the WEP, women s empowerment principles, which was jointly initiated by UN women and the global compact organization. The principles provide seven steps to guide enterprises how to develop glass fiber reinforced technology in the workplace and industry, that is, to integrate plastic into the glass fiber market and community to empower women

at present, 30% of Schneider Electric's employees worldwide are women. In the past three years, Schneider Electric has recruited more than 23000 female employees. In 2017, Schneider Electric aims to increase the proportion of female employees holding manager and technician positions to 40%, 33% of management committee members and 30% of senior management positions to women

how to improve women's leadership

returning to individuals, in Ma Xiaoyun's view, many women encounter career development bottlenecks more because they imprison themselves. Many women lack self-confidence and self denial, which is the mountain in front of their career development

she believes that female leadership is actually divided into three parts:

1 Be confident to be a woman

don't deliberately weaken your gender characteristics. Self confidence is the most important. Naturally, women pay more attention to the outside world and have richer emotions, but these factors do not affect the development of female leaders. Female leaders need not be cold strong women

2. Broaden the pattern and be a professional woman

in the workplace, both men and women should have requirements for professionalism. This means that we should expand our view of pattern while putting into work. Maxiaoyun especially emphasized that professional women must pay attention to the political, economic and cultural development at home and abroad. As a market player, the development of enterprises will be affected by many factors at home and abroad. If the energy of working women is mainly focused on firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea, their career development must be restricted due to their vision

3. Set goals and persevere

just like the song, no one will succeed casually, and so will the workplace. If you want to seek development, you must put your efforts into setting goals for yourself. Whether it is a three-year plan or a five-year plan, you must persevere, focus and work towards your goals

when talking about the most admired women, Ma Xiaoyun mentioned Mother Teresa and Madame Curie. Mother Teresa's tolerance and love is the best embodiment of women's flexible leadership. And Madame Curie's persistent pursuit and focus on science is also admirable

maxiaoyun believes that for the new generation of professional women, the Internet economy and society have created unprecedented opportunities and possibilities. They also have more choices in workplace, work content and work methods. Ma Xiaoyun's advice to the new generation of working women is that love is the best teacher, and we should follow our inner voice in career choice and development

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