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Valmet signed a long-term maintenance and operation agreement with Chile cmpc company

release date: 20 all spaces can be conditioned through the lifting of the lower beam source: Valmet

recently, Valmet signed a long-term service agreement with Chile cmpc company to provide maintenance and development business to its subordinate Santafe pulp plant

Cristian Fabrizio ROA Mun Z, the maintenance manager of this pulp plant, said, "after investigating the supply examples of Valmet and studying their customized solutions for cmpc, we signed an agreement with them with greater confidence. Valmet solutions can ensure that we can obtain first-class professional technology and services through teamwork, while reducing operational risks."

Timo harjunp, head of maintenance, development and outsourcing business of Valmet service business line, said: "Valmet will be responsible for the overall maintenance of the wood processing line of this pulp plant. We are honored to be trusted by them! This agreement shows that we have successfully created a set of service plan for drug release carrier materials for customers who want to improve the overall efficiency of the equipment in the whole life cycle with the help of first-class service operation. Keeping promises, mutual trust and smooth communication are the premise of successful cooperation. Valmet Germany will work with cmpc to achieve the expected goals. "

Fernando Rieger, service agreement and plant maintenance and operation manager of Valmet South America, said, "Valmet provides unique maintenance, development and outsourcing service solutions to customers in South America. The new agreement will strengthen our leading market position in this region. Our maintenance and operation agreement covers innovative integrated technology solutions, which can improve customers' production performance and meet market expectations."

in addition to daily on-site operations, the maintenance and development agreement of vimet also provides support to customers through expert networks all over the world and the all-weather industrial interconnection application scheme of the German big data operation center of our two business divisions, which requires manufacturers to provide "refined" products of smaller and more sensitive experimental machines

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