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Mature technology and wide application of WorldCom inkjet logo (Part 2)

stability and cost

the inkjet printing clarity of WorldCom equipment is very high, and the inkjet bar code is readable, continuous dots, and the scanning rate can reach 100%. The bar code emitted by some inkjet machines is not clear enough. If there is a broken line, the machine can't read it when it scans the blank space. At the same time, the high contrast of barcode printed by WorldCom also helps to maintain the high reading rate of barcode. The highest resolution of WorldCom inkjet code can reach 600 × 600dpi, and generally 300dpi resolution is enough

HP nozzle adopts thermal foaming technology (DoD), that is, the ink is quickly heated to 400 ℃ in an instant to eject the ink. WorldCom nozzle and ink cartridge are designed to integrate China's synthetic rubber production capacity to reach 5.18 million tons, each of which costs only about $30. You can also connect a large ink cartridge and plug in the nozzle. The cost of replacing ink is also very low. WorldCom inkjet printer has strong stability and its ink path is closed. How can we choose the right manufacturer for other forms of inkjet printer? With an open structure, the ink is exposed and easy to be polluted

president Wang said when comparing several technologies: "after using the traditional piezoelectric nozzle for a period of time, the performance of the piezoelectric ceramic in the nozzle has declined, and the ink accumulated around the nozzle is very dirty. It needs to be taken back to the original factory for cleaning, and the cost of each cleaning is as high as 70000 yuan or more. The nozzle of piezoelectric ceramic technology is deformed to squeeze out the ink under the state of power on (such as spectrum and Trident in the United States and Xaar in the United Kingdom) 。 Since each nozzle has at least 256 spray holes, if only a few piezoelectric ceramics in the spray holes are damaged, the whole nozzle will be scrapped. This is a huge loss for consumers. Using C "ij continuous inkjet technology, the ink will volatilize at high temperature, and a large amount of diluent will be added, which will increase a lot of costs. Valve technology, mainly the inkjet printer represented by German brands, is characterized by low cost, low definition and low speed. Laser coding technology has no consumables and is applicable to a wide range of materials, but after laser etching the paper, it causes a lot of smoke, and the color is single, so its application is also limited. "

in terms of maintenance, the maintenance of traditional piezoelectric nozzle is relatively complex, and the manufacturer needs to send technicians to maintain it. A technician can only be responsible for the after-sales maintenance of three to five equipment. HP technology does not have high technical requirements for operators. After professional training of Saiwei, the operators of the manufacturer can basically operate and maintain independently. Because of the low failure rate and stable equipment, users have less downtime. The popularity of WorldCom in the United States is a good proof

the quality and speed of the equipment using piezoelectric nozzles are very good in three months, but after three months, the quality will decline, the speed and color contrast will begin to deteriorate, and there will be problems such as bar code disconnection. After a period of time, it can't be used again, and the nozzles can't be combined arbitrarily. President Wang stressed: "the most important thing is not to stop the production line. For example, it takes half a day for technicians to rush from the provincial capital to factories in other cities, and it takes another twoorthree hours to repair the equipment. The loss of shutdown is really great."

customer customization

all WorldCom devices are customized by customers. Using WorldCom inkjet printer, the supplier will install speed sensing devices on the production line to adjust the appropriate inkjet speed according to the speed of the production line. In terms of spray printing materials, samples from Chinese customers should be sent to Saiwei for testing. If they cannot be spray printed, they should be sent to the laboratory in San Diego, the United States. Special inks will be customized by the United States, and the after-sales service will also be solved by Saiwei. According to President Wang, "China's paper quality is not standardized, and small factory products, especially corrugated paper, are resolutely eliminated. The ground bar steel production capacity is 6.75 million tons. The pulp concentration is not high, and there will be burrs on the surface, which will affect the effect. A small amount of special chemicals need to be added to the ink."

users all over the world are looking for solutions with faster printing speed, richer content, lower maintenance rate, easier automatic cleaning and simpler operation. WorldCom products are the crystallization of industry elites' unremitting pursuit of a higher realm and joint creation. It is believed that the arrival of WorldCom will accelerate the development of China's huge industrial labeling market and bring new choices to Chinese customers

source: packagingbest China

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