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Maximize the energy of small bag packaging equipment

the form of four side sealed small bag has been widely used in the production of various product dosage forms by pharmaceutical enterprises, such as granules, powders, oral liquids, etc. With the wider application of small bag packaging, small bag packaging technology has also been widely concerned by users. In the column of pharmaceutical packaging technology in this issue, we invited Germany Medici Co., Ltd. to discuss the topic of pharmaceutical small bag packaging with users of three pharmaceutical enterprises. We hope that this column can bring inspiration to readers, so as to maximize the energy of small bag packaging equipment

Zhang Jun, chief of equipment department of Guangzhou Xingqun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group

the key indicators of Medici equipment can meet our strict requirements in many aspects

in February 2002, Guangzhou Xingqun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. entrusted the import equipment procurement Department of Guangzhou bidding Center to carry out the bidding for small bag drug packaging equipment, At that time, four foreign manufacturers, including Germany Medici Co., Ltd., participated in the equipment bidding process

Guangzhou Xingqun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. conducted strict overall evaluation, comparison and trial operation on the technology and products of several bidding manufacturers. Compared with the roller heat sealing method applied by the other three suppliers, Germany Medici bag packaging equipment adopts the flat pressure heat sealing method, which can ensure the sealing quality of small bag products while ensuring that the measurement requirements increase with the experimental time. In addition, customers also found that Medici products have obvious advantages and characteristics compared with other manufacturers in many links, such as the stability of equipment operation, the convenience and habit of maintenance and operation, feeding system, quantitative system, packaging tension control, material centering control, embossing pressure control, etc. With the unanimous consent of relevant experts from Guangzhou bidding Center, Xingqun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. finally chose to cooperate with Germany Medici Co., Ltd. Two la500 small bag packaging machines and a la500+p700 small bag packaging and cartoning line have been introduced

Xingqun pharmaceutical customers said that pharmaceutical enterprises will first consider the quality maintenance of equipment for pharmaceutical products, and the relevant key indicators of Medici equipment meet the strict requirements of customers for production links, such as the difference in loading capacity, production speed, equipment applicability (including the applicability of equipment to packaging materials and internal granules), heat sealing performance and appearance quality, auxiliary accessories, etc

Mr. Zhang summarized several advantages of Medici equipment:

a. the minimum loading difference of Medici equipment can be controlled within 1%

b. there are two kinds of bags used to pack granular products: pure aluminum foil and aluminized composite film. Medici equipment has a good match between the two packaging materials, and the production is very stable. At the same time, it also shows good adaptability to the granules of the drug itself

c. the heat sealing process of Medici equipment is controlled by hydraulic pressure, which has stable performance, and the produced bags have good sealing performance

d. easy to clean, good production stability

Medici said: it is hoped to further realize the automation of loading control

due to different manufacturing process control, there are differences in particle density of granular products, and small density changes are reflected in the high-speed automatic production and operation link, which brings the need for adjustment. At present, Medici equipment fills six bags of products (six channels) in one working link, and six metering systems control the filling volume separately and manually. It is hoped that Medici can realize the automation of loading control, and timely measure the change of loading through a high-speed measuring balance after the products are transported by the conveyor belt. According to the real-time different product particle density, the loading volume is adjusted in time, and the loading volume is directly and automatically controlled and adjusted by the servo motor

Medici can provide a metering system with independent servo control of each channel. The metering of products is more flexible and convenient than the metering system currently used by users. The switching time of changing the product measurement specification can be completed by selecting the menu of the machine control panel, which is especially suitable for the production that needs to change the product specification frequently and the products that cannot control the volume of each batch of materials stably

Huang Xuejun, workshop director of Jiangxi Huiren Pharmaceutical Group

the difference in loading capacity is small, and five la-500 units operate well

in 2000, Jiangxi Huiren Pharmaceutical Group introduced and purchased five la-500 high-speed granule small bag packaging machines from Germany Medici through public bidding. According to the main characteristics of its own products (3.6mm~3.7mm pills, powders, granules, etc.), a small-scale pilot was carried out, and different blanking cylinders, measuring cups and contents were used as the inspection methods, mainly evaluating the equipment's loading differences and other indicators. Mr. Huang said that the installed capacity of la-500 has a small difference, which is very suitable for the needs of enterprises. In addition, Mr. Huang also said that the excellent performance of this equipment in other aspects is also an important reason for the favor of enterprises:

A. previously, the customer Jiangxi Huiren pharmaceutical group used domestic single lane small bag packaging machines, which were operated and produced in the factory with 30 sets. The equipment was labor-intensive and the production area was large. After the introduction of Medici equipment, Huiren pharmaceutical's products are in good production condition, and the number of production operators and operation and maintenance costs are greatly reduced. The application of PLC technology makes the equipment more convenient to operate

b. Medici equipment adds mixing and vibration devices at the blanking part of the material filling link, and at the same time, it reflects a small difference in the filling volume of pills, powders, granules and other products

c. excellent safety performance. The design of installation control and the configuration of protective measures are thoughtful and meticulous, and the automatic protection of machine stop is matched when the operation is not standardized

Medici said: it is expected to further improve the flexibility of the equipment to the packaging size specification.

the flat pressing design of Medici equipment determines the length and width of the small bag. The width specification is related to the position of the longitudinal seal of the heat sealing station, and the length can be adjusted through the setting of parameters. Therefore, we hope that Medici equipment can perform better in the adjustment of packaging specifications

the change of the length specification of the small bag can be adjusted within the working parameters of the small bag machine without replacing the size parts. The change of the width specification of the small bag can only be realized by replacing the positioning plate at the width position of the mold, without replacing the whole set of mold, and the value of the mold positioning plate is low. The width and position of other workstations, such as metering, slitting and pulling, can be adjusted

baifujun, engineer of Shijiazhuang Shenwei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

the good sealing and synchronization of the production line are particularly prominent

in 2001, Shijiazhuang Shenwei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. selected from three well-known foreign suppliers to cooperate with Germany Medici through equipment procurement bidding and comprehensive evaluation. At the end of 2001, Shenwei pharmaceutical purchased two la500 small bag packaging equipment and a P700 cartoning machine from Medici, and then purchased a P700 cartoning equipment. At present, the two bag packaging and cartoning lines operate well in the customer's factory

a. unique heat sealing method:

the earliest packaging form used by customers is three side sealed small bags, while four side sealed small bags have a higher appearance display effect, which is significantly better than the three side sealed packaging form. Compared with the continuous roller working mode commonly used by domestic equipment, Medici products apply the intermittent flat plate heat sealing mode with technical advantages. 1. Turn on the power supply. The bag packaging products produced are significantly better than domestic traditional equipment in appearance and flatness

b easy to use Good delivery coordination to accelerate the supply side structural reform

compared with domestic traditional equipment, Medici small bag packaging machine has excellent performance in matching the transmission and connection of cartoning equipment under high-speed operation, and the equipment is very stable and synchronized

Medici has said: it is expected that the equipment can further improve the operation speed.

at present, the production speed of Medici small bag packaging machine introduced by our company can be 560 bags/minute (8 channels, 70 weeks per minute) when using domestic packaging materials. If we can further improve the running speed of the machine, we believe it will bring greater economic benefits to users

the high-speed operation of the machine is not only the desire of users, but also one of the main performances of the equipment pursued by Medici. Medici will continue to make efforts to continuously optimize and improve the performance of the equipment, provide users with updated technology and equipment performance, and develop together with the majority of pharmaceutical enterprises

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