Maxus launches new polyurethane additives in China

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Maitu launched new products of polyurethane additives in China

at the 2011 Asian polyurethane exhibition held in Shanghai a few days ago, maitu high tech materials group, the world's leading enterprise in silicone and high-tech materials, launched nine newly developed polyurethane additive series products to improve the performance and quality of polyurethane foam

among them, niax silicone l-65 has flame retardant effect, which is mainly used to produce polyurethane with different density and different flame retardant specifications. What is its real meaning? Soft foam, which can effectively reduce the use of flame retardant in foam; Niax color stabilizer cs-26lf is an environmental friendly low atomization flame composite additive, which can effectively increase the flame 4 The pelletizer's full LCD numerical control sets the required parameters to start the initial viscosity of the composite foam, speed up the foam flame composite speed, and improve the peel strength of the flame composite foam

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