Mauritius plans to recycle waste tires to protect

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Mauritius plans to recycle waste tires to protect the environment

with the growth of the number of motor vehicles, the safety of waste tires has become an issue of concern to the government at the same time. A senior official from the local government of Mauritius and the outer island ministry who obtained the tensile strength of the steel wire told the media that we have imported more than 1million pneumatic tires, but these tires have become a big environmental protection problem after they are discarded

he also pointed out that the Ministry and the Ministry of environment and sustainable development are planning to jointly explore the possibility of recycling waste tires. According to the collected experience of recycling waste tires in other places, the relevant policy proposals have been submitted to the relevant departments

in the proposal, there is a proposal to complete the relocation and transformation of 18 hazardous chemicals. It is suggested to adopt "producers", that is, tire importers must establish a recycling and treatment system. At the same time, the proposal also attempts to distinguish between short-term, medium-term and long-term mechanisms for dealing with waste tires

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