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Measured | electric vehicle charging infrastructure is still to be improved

I have also had a test drive before, but the experience time is short, so I can't get the real feeling of driving. There are more and more friends around, but the complaints are getting louder and louder. They have been plagued by problems such as difficult charging and long-term operation

with the vigorous development of the country, the number of public charging piles is increasing. According to the provincial and municipal charging infrastructure development plan, by the end of 2019, 40 public charging stations, 38 special charging stations for bus, sanitation, logistics and other purposes will be built, and the total number of charging piles will reach 27000. When the car owner purchases, the manufacturer also distributes household charging piles and other charging instruments. Theoretically, it is fully qualified for charging. Why would this situation be caused? Measured charging problem

there are many difficulties in installing household charging piles

according to the implementation plan for municipal charging infrastructure construction issued by the Municipal People's government, 100% of the parking spaces allocated to new or expanded residential projects should be reserved for the construction and installation of charging infrastructure, and sufficient power capacity should be reserved to achieve "one pile for one vehicle"; The proportion of parking spaces equipped with parking lots for large public buildings, social public parking lots, charging infrastructure or reserved construction and installation conditions shall not be less than 15%

it also encourages the opening of self use charging piles to the society, and provides charging services for social vehicles under the condition of meeting self use needs. For the construction of public or special charging infrastructure that does not occupy an independent land, the installation can be directly reported to the power enterprise with the consent of the owner of the site where the facility is located

during the visit, most of the communities did not install charging piles, which only affected the 220V power supply without grounding wire at all sides and depths for charging. Contacted with Shengshi international community property, the property staff told: "the community currently has no conditions for charging. If the owner insists on installing, the property needs to consult the head office, but the time cannot be determined."

the property staff said, "the process of installing the charging station is very complex. In addition to asking the superior leadership, it also needs to obtain the certification of the property electrician and national appliance. After miscellaneous circuit inspection, professionals are finally sent to install it." Property staff suggested not to buy new energy

The salesperson of

said, "if it is difficult for the owner to negotiate with the property, the manufacturer can send someone to negotiate with the property and connect the line as soon as possible to help the owner solve the charging problem. Compared with the connection, the installation of charging piles is more cumbersome and the cost is higher. There is still a considerable distance from commercialization, which requires the owner to spend an additional 2000 yuan." However,

"the property does not allow owners to connect wires without permission, which is prone to fire and other safety hazards." Property management personnel said that it is even more difficult for owners without parking spaces to install private charging piles. "Owners without parking spaces cannot drive into the community to charge."

after the installation of household charging piles hit the wall, try to find charging stations open to the outside world

the parking fee is more expensive than the charging fee. The parking space is occupied by fuel vehicles

the open charging station needs to pay parking fees and charging fees. There are 36 charging stations open to the outside world in the city. After searching the software, Shandong building charging station was selected. The software showed that all four charging piles were idle, the parking fee was 2 yuan/hour, and the charging fee was 1.8 yuan/kWh. However, the actual parking fee is 4 yuan/hour, which is inconsistent with the amount displayed by the software

the electricity charge of the charging station near Quancheng Square is 1.4 yuan/kWh - 1.8 yuan/kWh, but the parking fee is 6 yuan/hour - 8 yuan/hour, and the parking fee is 3 times, 4 times, or even higher than the electricity charge

when you go to the parking space, only four of the seven charging piles can be used normally, and all the parking spaces of the charging piles are occupied by fuel trucks

the security guard said that the car owners paid the same parking fees, and they didn't have any cooperation with the company of the charging station. At this time, they should open the handle of the fuel return valve, and didn't receive a notice from the leader that fuel vehicles were forbidden to use the parking space of the charging pile. "Now the parking space is on a first come, first served basis."

when going to other charging stations, most of the parking spaces of charging piles are occupied by fuel trucks, accounting for nearly 80%. If you want to charge, you need to call the car owner to move the car, provided that the owner of the fuel car is willing

finally, it costs 40 yuan to ask the owner to move the car for charging

expert interpretation

industry expert Lao Chen told that the ultimate reason for the low sales was the serious lag in the construction of laws and regulations in the field of new energy. Until now, there is no clear standard to protect the interests of consumers. If a third party installs charging piles, it must cooperate with the property, but the property does not cooperate, and the owner cannot install charging piles. The ultimate victim can only be the consumer himself

Lao Chen said: "If you want to solve the embarrassing situation, the state can uniformly formulate battery standards, and a third party can implement the establishment of the replacement power station. If the owner is out of charge, he comes to the replacement power station to scan the QR code, take down the dead battery and charge it, and replace the same type of electric battery, the power source problem will be solved, and the replacement power station is a similar gas station. But first, it is necessary to determine which specification of power battery to use, and promote the implementation of domestic electricity Pool standardized manufacturing. "


since June, production and sales have gradually declined, indicating that there is still much room for optimization and progress. At this stage, relevant policies and power infrastructure are still to be improved, and car owners who want to buy should be cautious

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