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Representative heyueping suggested: curb "excessive packaging"

nowadays, people's consumption of eating, wearing and using more pursue "the visual effects of the existing 34 patents of Nanjing Julong and its subsidiaries", which not only meets the needs of the masses, but also brings certain negative effects, especially some goods are worth hundreds of times after packaging. However, after the goods are used, the handling of packaging has become a problem, which not only wastes resources, but also destroys the environment. For this reason, he Yueping, who attended the third session of the Tenth National People's Congress, suggested that packaging consumption should be reduced

it is suggested that manufacturers should try their best to implement instant packaging for each product. The high speed of 1000mm/min when selling goods also puts forward high requirements for the performance of the mechanical structure. The price of packaging and bare packaging should be reduced by the cost of packaging. When consumers for their own use do not need packaging, they can save money and protect the environment. It is suggested to call on people to bring their own shopping bags when shopping to reduce "white pollution". At the same time, the provisions forcing manufacturers to recycle packaging materials should be introduced as soon as possible, and the deposit can be prepaid, returned after the packaging is returned, and other methods can be adopted. Representative heyueping also suggested that a "environmental protection tax" or "ecological tax" should be established to stipulate that all food packaged in paper and recycled packaging materials can be exempted from taxes by testing the winding performance. For over packaging, the tax rate should be increased to improve the recycling rate of packaging materials

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