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Representatives of the Revolutionary Committee of the people's Republic of China put forward suggestions such as "studying and judging the artificial intelligence talent shock wave as soon as possible"

studying and judging the artificial intelligence talent shock wave as soon as possible

representative Tang Yuguang: Research shows that artificial intelligence will affect many jobs at present. While developing artificial intelligence, Shanghai needs to pay attention not only to the attraction and agglomeration of high-level talents, but also to the employment groups affected by new technologies

at present, the outline of Shanghai's medium and long-term talent development plan (2010-2020) and the 13th five year plan for talent development in Shanghai are about to expire. Combined with the new medium and long-term talent plan and the 14th five year plan, Shanghai should include an all-round talent plan for artificial intelligence; Relevant departments can also be organized to carry out special research and draw up a special AI talent development plan in this city

it is suggested that relevant departments should start to monitor the impact of "automation" and "intelligence" on employment, face the challenge of artificial intelligence on employment, think about the vocational training system under the influence of artificial intelligence, start to study and adjust the content of vocational training, and help ordinary workers adapt to the changes of technology and labor market

build a full coverage and diversified care service system

representative Zhai Jun: the service content, process and technical standards of existing care institutions are still unclear, and talent training and reserves are still thin

it is suggested to build a fully covered and diversified public service system for childcare services. The government should make the mechanical properties of products far exceed the initial level, provide policy support, and fully develop the service delivery capacity of families, communities and other parties; Comprehensively consider the population density, development trend, urban transportation, environment and other factors, and reasonably arrange the spots; At the same time, we should establish an evaluation mechanism for nursing service institutions to promote benign competition among nursing service institutions

Hongqiao Business District should expand its scope and improve its positioning

representative Hu Jianzhong: at the moment when Chang San (2) promotes the integrated development of cold-formed bearings equidistant from both sides to the national strategy, Hongqiao Business District, as the intersection of the two development axes of Shanghai Hangzhou and Shanghai Nanjing, and an important leading demonstration area for the integrated development of PU foam products with low toxicity, should keep up with its key development scope and planning positioning, A new round of top-level design work should be started in order to actively carry the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta

it is suggested that Hongqiao Business District should expand its scope in order to carry more tasks of integration and economic and industrial development; The positioning should be higher than before, and the levels and requirements of various work should also be increased, so as to ensure its planning, construction, management and coordination from the system

open up the provincial dead end road in the Yangtze River Delta

representative Cai Ning: in the process of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, an organic connection of roads, rail transit and public transport should be formed. It is suggested to continue to open up the inter provincial dead end road, pay attention to planning first, sort out the current situation of docking three provinces and one city, and implement the reserve requirements for the docking of roads in the Yangtze River Delta by stages; Connect rail transit, accelerate the integration of Kunshan into Shanghai metropolitan area through rail transit line 11, and realize the same city effect; In terms of public transport, establish a coordination and management mechanism for public transport docking, prepare public transport docking plans in adjacent areas, and strengthen cooperation

in addition, the army representative suggested sorting out the previously established laws and regulations, and conducting special supervision over the implementation of less than ideal laws and regulations, such as the "Regulations on dog breeding". If problems are found, see whether they need to be revised to make the existing laws and regulations really work; Representative Ding Meijian pointed out that there is a lot of chaos in extracurricular tutoring at present, such as some educational institutions lack qualifications to run schools, some public school teachers rent houses to run extracurricular tutoring classes by themselves, and there is no standard charge. We should pay attention to these problems from this super large printing machine

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