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Investigation: some plastic food packages contain lethal agents

long-term consumption of food in "toxic packaging" is prone to gallstones and even lead to heavy metal and benzene poisoning. In view of the current situation, the state will implement production license management on the food packaging industry

Plastic packaging is almost everywhere in all kinds of food packaging nowadays. From fresh milk and acid in supermarkets, which can improve endurance mileage and enhance safety, battery technology, packaging bags for milk and soymilk, barrels for various edible oils and carbonated beverages, woven bags for bagged rice noodles, to colorful outer packaging for instant noodles and children's small thickness but reduced by 20%, plastic packaging is indispensable. Qualified food packaging should protect food, but if harmful substances such as heavy metals and solvent residues in the packaging penetrate into food, they may directly cause personal injury to consumers

yesterday, the national packaging product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Dalian) revealed that the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China will implement production license management on plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products for food from the second half of this year

plastic food packaging hides "killing mechanism"

in recent years, people have paid more and more attention to food safety, but they only pay more attention to food quality itself, and rarely pay attention to food packaging problems. Last year, Dingxi County, which is rich in potatoes in Gansu Province, recalled a large number of ex factory products due to the use of plastic composite bags with benzene exceeding the standard; The residue of benzene solvents in the composite aluminized food packaging bag of Qinghai minhegu dairy products Co., Ltd. with the trademark of "Valley brand" milk powder seriously exceeded the standard. Therefore, the inspection team of Gansu Province conducted supervision and random inspection on some composite bag manufacturers. Among the seven samples, five products had serious benzene content exceeding the standard

in May this year, Dalian Institute of product quality supervision and inspection detected solvent residues in 20 samples from 14 enterprises in the three northeastern provinces, of which 6 products exceeded the standard

experts say that if consumers eat the food in these "toxic packaging" for a long time, the light consumers are prone to gallstones, and the heavy ones can lead to heavy metal and benzene poisoning. Plastic food packaging with hidden "killing mechanism" poses a threat to the health of consumers

"toxic packaging" is driven by interests

a few years ago, there was an incident of "toxic soymilk" in a certain place in the province. A researcher in our city once suspected that it was related to soymilk packaging bags. The person said that some symptoms of poisoned students are similar to those of some pesticides, rather than simple food poisoning. He suspected that the raw material of the plastic packaging bag of soymilk might be recycled raw materials, and if the recycled raw materials contain used agricultural plastic greenhouses, some highly toxic pesticides may be brought into the packaging bag. Although the researcher's guess has not been confirmed, it is a serious problem that harmful substances may enter food through plastic packaging

in order to increase its viscosity, transparency and elasticity, some plastic packaging bag manufacturers add plasticizers and stabilizers in the production process. Plasticizers contain a compound agent, which is easy to penetrate into food, especially high-fat food, and most cooked foods in supermarkets are high-fat food. The main component of plastic stabilizer is lead stearate, which is also toxic. Long term use will cause harm to human body

benzene in plastic packaging bags exceeds the standard, mainly from printing ink, especially the diluent solvent used in ink. The adhesive contains ethyl acetate, and the solvent used contains ethanol and methanol

the national standard clearly stipulates that the hygiene level of packaging materials is divided into industrial level, food level and drug level. In order to reduce costs, some enterprises use industrial grade materials to produce food packaging, and some enterprises even use waste plastics that are not allowed to be used by the state as raw materials. Other enterprises use some raw materials that are neither allowed nor prohibited, and their safety is even more unknown

food packaging will be subject to production license management

in order to ensure food safety, AQSIQ will first implement production license management for 36 product varieties in three categories of plastic packaging, containers and tools for food from the second half of this year

according to Jiang Zibo, director of the national packaging product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Dalian), who participated in the formulation of the regulation, the regulation has five characteristics

first, wide in and strict out. As long as the enterprise has the necessary production equipment and environmental facilities, it can obtain the food packaging production license. Mandatory inspection shall be carried out for the delivered products, and unqualified products shall not be delivered

second, key control items are set. Important safety performance indicators that are prone to problems are set as key control indicators, and quality supervision departments at all levels regularly monitor the enterprise

third, strictly control the use of raw materials. No enterprise shall use recycled materials to make food packaging

fourth, the use of new plasticizers and stabilizers must be approved before use

fifth, all food packaging enterprises must use the products with food packaging licenses as the packaging materials of the enterprise in terms of quality process control

enterprises in Dalian should grasp business opportunities as soon as possible

in the 1980s, our city was a well-known plastic city. In recent years, there are more than 300 enterprises producing all kinds of plastic packaging bags in our city. As one of the drafters of the national food packaging licensing management regulations, Jiang Zibo called on many enterprises in our city to make full preparations as soon as possible according to the relevant provisions of the new regulations, and strive to obtain production licenses, so as to occupy the broad market of food packaging more

information source: Dalian evening news

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