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Investigation: plastic bags that have been banned repeatedly are unqualified. Plastic bags contain chemical toxins

Plastic restrictions in large supermarkets

visited major supermarkets in Baotou and found that supermarkets can implement paid use of plastic bags. Many customers brought their own cloth shopping bags because supermarkets implement paid use of plastic bags. Supermarkets are also selling eco-friendly shopping bags. Most of the brand clothing stores provide customers with free paper bags or cloth bags

in Baotou Youyi vegetable wholesale market and hezuodao vegetable market, it was found that almost all vendors were providing customers with free plastic bags, except those who sold onions tied with nylon ropes

in the friendship market, a merchant who has sold scallions for a long time told: "the market has not allowed the use of plastic bags since 2008. If it is found, it will be fined at least 200 yuan." The boss of a potato seller said that the things sold in the market are similar. I don't give plastic bags to your family. Consumers will definitely choose the one who gives plastic bags. The implementation of the "plastic restriction order" has affected their business

the experimental data is more accurate. Mr. Yu, who is buying vegetables, told him that he would not only bring a large cloth bag with him every time he bought vegetables, but also use the plastic bag given by the vendor free of charge. If you buy beans, bean sprouts and other small and many foods, or eggs, which are inconvenient to carry, you should choose to use plastic bags. There are many kinds of things to buy, but they can't be put together. Ask Mr. Yu whether he knows about the provisions of the "plastic restriction order". Mr. Yu said he knows. Ask him whether he understands the pollution of plastic bags to the environment, and whether unqualified plastic bags can also affect health by improving production efficiency. Mr. Yu said that when heating food, the plastic bags that wrap food will be removed, but usually everyone uses them like this, so it goes with the tide

plastic bags have been banned repeatedly

the "plastic restriction order" has been implemented for three years, and many relevant units are also promoting and renovating, but now the problem of free plastic bags is still serious, and citizens cannot completely get rid of their dependence on the use of plastic bags. Due to the repeated prohibition of using free plastic bags, the relevant departments also encountered embarrassment in the process of governance. Li, who works in a supermarket in Qingshan District of Baotou, said that many customers know they don't have bags with them, so they will use plastic bags containing bulk food in the supermarket. "Sometimes consumers are persuaded not to take bulk food plastic. The Fire Department of the Ministry of public security still decides to eliminate this kind of composite bag. Customers are still very dissatisfied, saying that they can't buy food in supermarkets with a plastic bag. Supermarkets are too stingy." The loss prevention officer said to

contacted the Baotou Administration for Industry and commerce, the chief of the marketing section Wang said that the "plastic restriction order" was implemented better in supermarkets and shopping malls, and through the paid use of plastic bags, it also limited the use of plastic bags by consumers to a certain extent. However, there are still some difficulties in implementing the "plastic restriction order" in the farmers' market. When cracking down on unqualified plastic bag transactions in the market, the most troublesome thing for staff is that plastic bag sellers fight guerrilla warfare and play hide and seek, which is repeated despite repeated prohibitions. At present, the means of cracking down are mainly confiscation and fines, but the effect is not obvious. Citizens have a great demand for plastic bags, so they sell more. On the one hand, we should crack down severely in the field of circulation. On the other hand, we should also stop manufacturers from producing unqualified plastic bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm. The quality supervision department curbs the production of unqualified plastic bags from the source, and the industry and Commerce focuses on the wholesale source of unqualified plastic bags in the circulation field. Through the cooperation of various departments, they severely crack down on the current tension machine transmission system in the market, and some adopt reducers to curb the production and circulation of unqualified plastic bags. In addition, citizens who encounter vendors selling unqualified plastic bags and the wholesale source of unqualified plastic bags can report to the Department of industry and commerce

in addition, chief Wang reminded the general public not to use unqualified plastic bags. Unqualified plastic bags are made and processed from secondary recycled waste materials, which contain a large amount of chemical toxins, which will affect human health. Citizens should improve their awareness of environmental protection

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