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Shawan purification crowd "soy sauce bottles"

recently, Leshan Shawan District Administration for Industry and Commerce dispatched 17 law enforcement vehicles (Times) and 62 personnel (Times) to conduct special inspections on 58 soy sauce operators in the region in response to the problems existing in the condiment market. During the operation, the law enforcement personnel focused on whether the packaging marking system of soy sauce in bottles (bags) was standardized, whether there was a "QS" quality and safety mark, and whether the bulk soy sauce was qualified. In this inspection, 52 bottles (bags) of expired soy sauce were confiscated, 11 varieties of bulk soy sauce were sampled and sent for inspection, and more than 10 kilograms of "three noes" soy sauce were investigated and dealt with, which purified the masses. "Zavarasoke said:" previous studies can only show the superior mechanics of graphene on a micro scale, and its technology is monopolized by two companies in the United States and Japan. "

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