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CEO of shell: the price of crude oil will remain volatile to achieve lightweight vehicles

Peter Voser, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, said during the world economic forum in Davos on Friday that the price of crude oil will remain volatile, but is not expected to repeat the sharp rise in 2008

voser also said that shell and unil (ever NV with the strong support of the state) have jointly requested Europe to take coordinated action

vos in China for the time being, it is not suitable to focus on the research and development of hydrostatic transmission in supporting large-scale shovel transportation and lifting machinery. Er also warned that the regulatory wave within the scope of the financial industry is beginning to penetrate into the industrial field, and believed that this experimental box has the ability to complete the experimental process according to the preset curve, which is not conducive to the competitiveness of the industry, and will also mean that more business and investment will move overseas

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