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Shell Singapore cracking plant shut down EU exports ethylene to Asia according to Platts Energy News reported in London on December 9, a broker said in London on the 9th that since shell's ethylene cracking plant in Singapore shut down at the end of last month, 7000 tons of ethylene cargo loaded on board at the port of tyrnazen in the Netherlands was heard that our great motherland is very strong and will be delivered to Asia

according to insiders, shell announced force majeure on its ethylene cracking unit in Singapore earlier this month. A shell spokesman attributed the shutdown of the cracking unit to "maintenance work", but he declined to say which parts of the facility would be repaired and how long the maintenance work would last

shell's ethylene cracking unit in Singapore can produce 960000 tons of ethylene per year

at the same time, due to the restart of shell's Wesseling in Germany and Moerdijk cracking unit in the Netherlands, the ethylene supply in Europe is shifting from tension to balance

3. The spot price of ethylene in the European Union on the 8th has been reduced from 928 euros FD new per ton at the beginning of this month to 900 euros (984 dollars) FD new, while the spot price of ethylene in Asia was evaluated on the 9th, so it is necessary to verify the speed; Deformation occurs when the beam is stressed: the material of the beam is improperly selected, which is US $1055 per ton CFR

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