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Shell and Sumitomo postpone plans to jointly build a petrochemical plant overseas news: shell, which may launch a joint venture with Sumitomo chemical, Japan's largest chemical manufacturer, will delay deciding whether to build a petrochemical plant worth S $1billion in Singapore

A spokesman for shell told Lianhe Zaobao that shell was still conducting a feasibility study. Shell said six months ago that it would decide whether to continue to implement the petrochemical plant cooperation project at the end of this year. At present, it seems that it will be postponed until the first half of next year

according to recent Japanese media reports, this cooperative vulnerable part 5: sheet metal project may cost 300 billion yen or 4.5 billion Singapore dollars (2.5 billion US dollars)

in addition, evert henks, President of shell chemical, also said yesterday that shell may have become more cautious because the September 11 incident in the United States led to a more uncertain outlook for industrial demand, but shell does not guess what the long-term impact will be. More suitable for large-scale experiments

henks estimated that by 2010, shell's ethylene production needs to be expanded by 30 million tons per year since China's economic opening up 3.1 years ago, in order to maintain the status of the world's three largest chemical producers. Therefore, it has drawn up plans to expand ethylene production in the United States, Chinese Mainland and Singapore

henks revealed that the construction plan of a world-class ethylene plant with an annual output of 900000 tons in the South China Sea of the mainland may be implemented, but similar plans in Singapore are uncertain at present

he explained that the South China Sea was a strategic decision. The final investment decision has to be made in the third quarter of next year. The probability of carrying out the original plan is higher than canceling the plan. This plan will be the largest single overseas investment project in the mainland, and was approved last year and put into operation in 2005

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