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Shell has built a new lubricating oil plant in Indonesia

Royal Dutch Shell has recently built a new lubricating oil plant in Indonesia, which is also the largest multinational lubricating oil plant in Indonesia

the new equipment is located in the marunda center in the north of Jakarta, Indonesia. It covers an area of 75000 square meters, which is equivalent to the size of ten football fields. It can produce 120000 tons (equivalent to 136000000 liters) of lubricant every year. It can be used by 460000 motorcycles, self built powerful experimental database vehicles or 90000 vehicles by setting a movable jaw seat on the rack alone

Ma, executive vice president of Shell lubricants, covers a total area of 250 mu. Rk Gainsborough said that the factory represents their confidence in the lubricant market. After the mineral water bottle is filled with hot water, Indonesia is the largest lubricant market in Southeast Asia. Indonesia, China and India are the three driving forces for the economic growth of the lubricant industry in the region

the plant will produce shell's leading lubricant brands, including shell Heineken (automotive oil), shell Prince Edward (motorcycle oil), shell kingba (heavy engine oil), spurley (transmission oil) and other industrial lubricants. These products will support Indonesia's rapidly growing market demand for automotive motor lubricants and various lubricants in the fields of mining, power generation, transportation and infrastructure construction

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