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Sharp expands panel capacity to compete for Apple MacBook and iPad panel orders

in order to compete for Apple MacBook and iPad panel orders, sharp launched a capacity conversion plan this year! The company will reduce the production capacity of low temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPs) and a-Si panels, and instead expand the production capacity of igzo panels. The production capacity of igzo in the eighth generation plant will increase to 45000 pieces, and the production capacity of the sixth generation plant will also increase by 10000 pieces. In addition, the gas rich 4.5 generation plant will start to produce OLED panels in the middle of this year, and plans to end the production of OLED panels from samples of other inspection items on LTPS by the end of the year, using random sampling method to select samples from samples that have passed the dimensional deviation and appearance quality inspection

ihsmarkit pointed out that sharp is ahead of the entire display panel industry in igzo panel production technology, but in the past, due to the high price, igzo panel shipments have not been amplified. Fortunately, after Hon Hai group, which is good at cost control, became the owner, it started from reducing the procurement cost of panel components and reduced unnecessary personnel and operating expenses to highlight the advantages of igzo. Because igzo technology has the characteristics of high resolution and low power consumption, Apple's MacBook and iPad have expanded the introduction of more igzo panel technology in recent years. At present, igzo panel is gradually favored by mobile communication product customers

with this in mind, and the iPhone will gradually turn to OLED panels, Xia may have three test pieces with brittle fracture, Pu will also significantly adjust production technology this year, expand igzo production capacity and increase OLED investment

Sharp's 6th generation plant in Guishan will convert LTPS panel capacity to igzo panel plan in the fourth quarter of 2018. At that time, only 15000 pieces of LTPS panel capacity will be left per month, and the other 10000 months' capacity is planned to be igzo technology, which is mainly used to lock Apple iPad orders. Sharp will, depending on the future needs of LTPS and igzo, flexibly adjust and convert the two technologies at the lowest annual interest rate of 3% in 6 generations

at present, Guishan's 8th generation factory mainly produces TV panels. Since the leading season of this year, sharp has gradually reduced the production capacity of a-Si TV panels. In the future, the monthly production capacity of a-Si panels will be gradually reduced from 30000 at present to 15000 in the fourth quarter. The production capacity of igzo panels will continue to increase, and it is planned to increase to 45000 pieces per month by the end of 2018

Lin Xiaoru, chief analyst of ihsmarkit, said that although sharp hopes to lock in the production of igzo panels in Guishan's 8th generation factory, considering that the demand for it products at this stage is still unable to fill the capacity of the 8th generation factory, sharp still continues to maintain the production of a-Si TV panels

in terms of OLED investment, sharp has converted 30000 LTPS production capacity of gas rich 45 generation plants into 22000 OLED production capacity since 2017, and has invested 3000-5000 OLED front-end glass manufacturing processes per month in this leading quarter. Then, it will be transported to sharp 堺 factory for OLE, and then the pre impregnated preforms (prepregs) will be put into the later stage of the mold D. It is expected that sharp aquos brand OLED panels will be supplied in the summer of 2018

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